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Employment Philosophy

New limits of success
Smaat India prides itself to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. One of the reasons behind our success is having Our employees show commitment to their job and be responsible at all times toward colleagues and customers. We constantly seek committed, highly motivated and talented people who will help to drive Smaat India forward. Talent is an important prerequisite for our success. We employ responsible, qualified and environmentally-conscious employees who cooperate and collaborate with one another. We Brain strom ideas, strategies difficult situations and communicate with each other in a timely fashion, laying a strong foresight path for our Organization. 76% of Employees employed at Smaat hail from Andhra Pradesh which includes all the cadre ranging from Top Management to the ground level employees. We aim towards intrinsic growth and sustainable growth of the Nation. We have taken up the initiative to even hire people from marginalized communities, hence enabling the growth of employment for the Nation. Anyone working at Smaat is bound to share the success of smaat!

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Smaat India Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated solutions provider, offering a collection of turnkey services including design and optimization, customization, business procurement and production management, pilot testing, fabrication and installations with an industry focus. At Smaat, you will find challenging opportunities in an environment that recognizes and rewards exceptional performance. We seek experienced individuals capable of delivering a wide range of marketing and value-added services to our customers around the world. So, If you look forward to a friendly and dynamic work environment, exciting career and personal advancement opportunities, a healthy work-life balance, plus the chance to work as a part of Smaat India Technologies Pvt Ltd., please fill in the given form to your left or mail us your resume at

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