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Corporate Profile

Smaat India pioneers in providing Water, Air, Energy and Waste Management Solutions with an aim to reach common people using the latest state of the art technology at an affordable cost. We are the first Indian ISO: 9001:2008 & ISO: 14001:2004, to have introduced Eco-Friendly, User Friendly, Non-Chemical Technologies to the global market with 16000 + satisfied customers around 33 Countries; with more than 15000 Water, Waste treatment and Purification Plants across PAN India and globe; processing 14,000 Million liters of Water per Day.


Company Highlights :

Why Us?

  • We are the first SME Company in India to follow GRI G3 Guidelines
  • We follow Triple Bottom Line approach :
    People - Human capital and fair beneficial business practices towards Labor, Community and Region
    Planet - Natural capital andsustainable environmental policies
    Profit - Economic capital & economic value created by the organization has real impact on economic environment
  • Working towards achieving one of the chapters specified in millennium development goals as water, sanitation and environment sustainability
  • WHO-Quality Water Standards sufficient to meet all Potable Water needs


Why the Water Industry? :

  • India is projected to be a water stressed Nation by 2020 and ranks 120th among 122 Nations in the quality of Potable water availability to the common man
  • The total Indian water market is estimated to be about USD 12 billion
  • Today, drinking water investments constitute about 3% of the national budget and as the Nation spearheads into the future, the importance and need for clean water is likely to grow
  • Only 48% of the urban population and 36% of the rural population has access to drinking water and sanitation services which is not 100% clean
  • Every year nearly 5 lakhs children die due to contaminated water and 40% of children skip school in search of water
  • Most of the water purifications systems in India use the old technology which is not feasible and takes lot of time to purify.
  • This clearly offers tremendous scope and opportunity to do more in this sector.