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Smaat Future

We are sure to conquer new heights in times to come.

We are aware that coming days can hold challenges of unexpected complexity, and we are proactively taking steps to be future-ready. We will actively strive to play a leadership role in the sustainability by constantly seeking alternative growth platforms, accentuating our efforts to develop the competencies and attitudinal skills of our people. We believe that greatest contribution we can make through our sustainable efforts is to develop "sustainable infrastructure" and "sustainable product portfolio". We will harness sustainability drivers in a unique way to create an organisation that will innovate and lead. Each of our businesses is socially impacted and in turn harbour a positive impact the society and the environment. Together, this relationship results in the harmonious co-existence of a symbolically sustainable business, society and environment.

Smaat Products

Smaat Cool

Air conditioning with solar power and air cooling with recycled water.

Smaat Sun

Using the solar technology for effective home and commercial solutions.

Smaat Clean

- Disinfection of over head tanks (Rural, Municipal water supply), sanitation , clear water pumps.
- Septic tank cleaning system. - Janitorial Services.

Smaat Power

Generating power for unrestricted working for home /commercial purposes.

Smaat Light

Smaat lights for a Smarter you! Using the low power with effective lightening, saving on bills.

Smaat Eye

Using the latest state of the art technology for efficient monitoring of house/office security.